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Los Angeles Lakers Coach Phil Jackson created a string of follow-up stories Sunday after saying Saturday that Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade sometimes takes an extra step on drives to the basket. Does the league crack down hard enough?

"They start off [every season] with a great deal of emphasis on tape and on how we're going to call things — 'We're not going to call discontinued dribble, we're not going to call the extra step this year, [and] when guys spin and they hop on that pivot foot . . . that's an actual travel, we're going to call that.'

"You get to this part of the season, and it's gone," Jackson said. "Totally dissipates. Nobody's calling it."

Wade, a four-time All-Star, had an added advantage, Jackson said.

"What he's really been able to do is that pickup move that the Europeans really have brought in that we all would consider a walk move — pick up the ball and take two steps. That's two and a half steps," Jackson said. "He's been able to get a long distance on that because of his ability to change directions. He's exceptional on that."

It didn't seem like there was much that could be done, at least from Jackson's perspective.

"In this league, our referees have decided they are going to referee the defense, not the offense, so the offensive players obviously get away with more than the defense does because they're looking at the defensive players," he said.

Wade had 27 points on 10-for-22 shooting Sunday.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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