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One of the few places in the NBA that Carmelo Anthony(notes) reportedly told his current team, the Denver Nuggets, that he'd like to go is to the New York Knicks, but that team has supposedly not impressed the Nuggets with its offered players or lack of draft picks.
So the Knicks did something about it. ESPN reports that the Knicks have a deal in place for a first-round pick if they need to use it in any possible trade for Anthony.

Meanwhile, the Denver Post is reporting that Anthony met with Nuggets coach George Karl on Thursday to discuss what the coach was expecting from him this season.

Anthony tells the paper that the coach did not try to convince him to stay. But Anthony says Karl wanted to talk about it: "He wanted to go there. He really wanted to go there," Anthony told the paper. "He didn't try to work me over. He just wanted me to really focus in and told me that he is looking for my leadership skills and what I've been doing so far here in training camp."

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Source: ESPNDenver Post

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