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As everybody knows by now, LeBron James(notes) will be a free agent next summer. While it's fully expected that he'll end up re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers since that team can offer him more money than anywhere else, it has long been expected that he'll at least see what kind of dollars he'll be offered by other teams.

Well, it's looking like he won't just be offered money by other teams. The New York Knicks have been re-organizing its roster seemingly since the minute Donnie Walsh took over the team in order to have enough room to offer James as much as it possibly can. Now word has come, via the New York Daily News, that Cablevision, which owns the Knicks, will throw in a whole TV channel for LeBron if he wants it. That could bring in other revenue for James so the team could sneak around some salary-cap issues.

Still, it's hard to see James leaving Cleveland, where a quality team that James dreamed of being on as a kid has been built around him and the team has done all sorts of things to help him be comfortable, for the Knicks, a team that has, to vastly understate it, struggled mightily in recent years.

Source: New York Daily News

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