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The New York Knicks want Carmelo Anthony(notes) to be on their team when the trade deadline passes on Feb. 24. But if the team can't find a way to get that deal done with the Denver Nuggets, ESPN reports that the Knicks have two Plan Bs.

The site reports that if the Carmelo deal doesn't happen, the Knicks may go after Andre Iguodala(notes) of the Philadelphia 76ers. While the Sixers aren't anxious to be rid of Iguodala, the expiring contract of Eddy Curry(notes) and another player could help convince the struggling Sixers to change things up.

The other plan, ESPN reports, is to do a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers that would bring Anderson Varejao(notes) and Daniel Gibson(notes) to the Knicks.

With either plan, the Knicks are trying to figure out if those players are better than anybody they could get on the free-agent market next summer, the site reports.

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Source: ESPN

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