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Nate Robinson(notes) could've used some of the superpowers that helped the 5'9" New York Knicks guard win the NBA Slam Dunk Contest two times when he came up against a New York City police officer the other night. Instead, Robinson's nastier side seems to have come out when he got arrested Tuesday night for driving with a suspended license.

The 25-year-old restricted free agent apparently was a complete jerk to the cop who pulled him over for driving with an unfastened seat belt, according to the New York Post. The word is that he turned up the volume pretty loud when the cop walked back from Robinson's SUV to the police cruiser to check his license and then kept singing the words to the rap song when the officer returned to the window.

But as soon as he heard he was being arrested, Robinson apparently pulled out the I'm A Celebrity card and tried to sway the officer to let him go. No dice, Mr. Robinson. Looks like you headed into the wrong neighborhood this time around.

Source: New York Post

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