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“GeorgeThe Denver Nuggets would like to keep head coach George Karl around for a while after his contract expires at season's end. The word is the team would like to keep him in the Mile High City for three more years (with the third year not guaranteed) and is willing to give him $11 million to do so, according to FanHouse.

Karl, though, supposedly wants a bit more than that. Right now, Karl is making about $3 million per season with some incentives in there. Most coaches in the Western Conference are making more than $4 million a year so Karl is reportedly thinking the folks in Denver might want to at least fork over that much.

The two sides are supposedly a few million dollars apart on the deal's total value." Both parties are working hard and trying to use the end of the year as a point of a soft deadline," said Karl's attorney.

Source: FanHouse

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