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Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo called former Spartans coach Jud Heathcote Monday night to talk about the possible head-coaching job offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Detroit News reported.

Heathcote said Izzo won't take the job without some confirmation from LeBron James(notes) that he's staying put instead of heading elsewhere in free agency.

"I honestly think he'll look at this," Heathcote told the paper. "But unless he can get some commitment from LeBron James, the job isn't that good. I think a lot hinges on what (Izzo) feels about LeBron's future. I think he's seriously considering it. He's going to look at it like he does on all things but he's got an awfully good situation at Michigan State, too."

The call lasted a half hour, according to the News. Izzo makes about $3 million annually from Michigan State.

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Source: Detroit News

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