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Allen Iverson's(notes) business manager (and high school football coach) Gary Moore is saying things didn't work out with the Detroit Pistons for his player because the team wasn't exactly honest with him, according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal: "He went there, and he couldn't really trust what people had told him," said  Moore.

Iverson was supposedly told by the team that he would be the leader when he showed up in Motor City, but the team's players were apparently upset that the Pistons had traded Chauncey Billups(notes). So they didn't like Iverson before he even got there, Moore says, and that definitely affected Iverson's play in Detroit.

Iverson apparently likes the welcome the Memphis Grizzlies have given him but you can be sure he'd rather be making the $21 million he made last year in Detroit instead o the $3.5 million he'll be making for the Grizzlies this year.

Moore is saying that the meeting Iverson had with Grizzlies execs last week in Atlanta was crucial to the deal going through. "When he sat down and met with them eye-to-eye, he said, 'I was just lied to, and it almost destroyed my career,'" Moore said. "'What do you guys want from me? If you want me to just come here and sell tickets, you've got the wrong guy. If I come here, I want to win.'"

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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