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O.J. Mayo(notes) and Tony Allen(notes) went at each other on the team plane the other night after a card game, league sources have told Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

Mayo owed Allen money from a card game, "Boo-Ray," and sources said Mayo became increasingly belligerent and antagonistic toward Allen when asked to settle the debt, Wojnarowski reports.

Allen walked away from Mayo, the sources told Wojnarowski, only to return later and find Mayo still berating him. Then Mayo "inched close to Allen" and "Allen hit Mayo."

Other players separated the two, according to Wojnarowski's sources, and the pair was called in to talk to coach Lionel Hollins about it.

Mayo missed Tuesday's win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. The team says it was due to bronchitis, but Wojnarowski's sources say it was "connected to the fight."

Wojnarowski points out that "Boo-Ray" is the card game that Gilbert Arenas(notes) and Javaris Crittenton(notes) had the disagreement over last season that led to Arenas bringing firearms to the Washington Wizards' locker room.

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Source: Yahoo! Sports

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