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Allen Iverson's(notes) stock in the NBA is falling, but the people of Greece don't care. Greek club Olympiakos is apparently trying to get its hands on the 10-time NBA All-Star.

It appears the New York Knicks are passing over Iverson for the much younger Ramon Sessions(notes). Iverson has also gotten interest this off-season from the Miami Heat and Memphis Grizzlies, according to International Basketball News, but none of them have offered what the Athens-based Olympiakos is supposedly offering: $10 million for two years.

That's what the 34-year-old Iverson reportedly wants to make this year but no NBA club is ready to do that for him so it's possible that Olympiakos - after trying to get the Knicks' Nate Robinson(notes) and David Lee(notes), the Denver Nuggets' Linas Kleiza(notes), and Milwaukee Bucks restricted free agent Sessions - may have finally found their man. Or maybe not.

Source: International Basketball News

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