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Chris Mullin becomes a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame Friday, but it doesn't appear that he'll become a member of the New York Knicks organization anytime soon.

Former Knicks president Donnie Walsh's "biggest regret" of his time with the team was not being able to hire Mullin to work under him and become the GM, according to the New York Post. The paper's source reports that if owner James Dolan "had granted Walsh permission to hire Mullin last summer as GM, Walsh likely would still be the president." The Post notes, though, that Dolan didn't think Mullin was "polished enough" to be the "face of the Knicks."

But the Sporting News has it from Mullin that he has no plans to join the Knicks anytime soon: "It's not on my mind," he said, the Sporting News reports. "My immediate future right now is going back to ESPN. Of course, with the lockout, all of our futures, who knows what's down the road?"

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Source: New York PostSporting News

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