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He doesn't want his teammates to become complacent with a 4-0 start, or for them to relax because they have so much time off in-between games, or for them to not put in a high-level effort in practice. Come to work and work hard ever day, Bryant has impressed upon his teammates.

"That's our message for the week is we can either be good or we can be great," Bryant said. "This is the time that we can really use to get better to make another step forward."

The Lakers played one game this week, on Wednesday night against the Clippers. The Lakers don't play again until Sunday, when they host the Houston Rockets at Staples Center.

Of the six days this week when the Lakers didn't have a game, they practiced in five of them. "We're striving for perfection," Lamar Odom said. "We're striving to be perfect."

When told of Bryant's comments, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson paused.

He was ready to talk about greatness just yet.

"I would say we'd like to just go to good," Jackson said. "We'd like to be a good team. Wednesday (against the Clippers), I thought we were just average. We just really didn't have that fire in the belly until the fourth quarter then we got going."

Source: Los Angeles Times

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