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As you may have heard, the New Jersey Nets, Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons are working on a deal that would finally send Carmelo Anthony(notes) to the Garden State. One of the zillion players that would also move in the deal is 27-year-old Nets guard Devin Harris(notes).

The word is that Harris will be heading to Colorado to join the Nuggets, but he wouldn't be staying there for long. A source to HoopsWorld reports that Harris could be sent by the Nuggets to the Portland Trail Blazers "for a package that includes Andre Miller(notes) and/or Marcus Camby(notes), who are both being shopped around by the Blazers."

Miller's contract has a team option for next season that Denver would probably decline, the site reports, so it can clear more salary space.

However, ESPN reports that if the Anthony trade happens, Harris could be headed to the team that he first played for in 2004, the Dallas Mavericks.

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Source: HoopsWorldESPN

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