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The Los Angeles Clippers have been without guard Eric Gordon(notes) since he reinjured his right wrist on March 5, but head coach Vinny Del Negro suggested Wednesday night that he would be back in the lineup on Saturday when the Clips take on the Cleveland Cavaliers and Gordon's old teammate, Baron Davis(notes), according to the Los Angeles Times.

And the team has missed him. After all, he's averaging 23.7 points per game this season. Still, there's no reason to rush Gordon back when the team is 26-43 and well out of playoff contention.

"Range of motion has always been pretty good," Gordon said about his wrist, according to the Times. "It's just the pain level because I hit directly on it. It's just the pain level where I can get back to shooting. I'm still going to play with a brace on my finger the rest of the year. I'd say it's very minor now. It was nothing like last time. Last time there was a lot of swelling."

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Source: Los Angeles Times

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