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Chuck Hayes signing with Kings againChuck Hayes has had a rough couple of weeks. He signed a four-year, $21.3 million deal with the Sacramento Kings, but then it was voided when it was discovered in his physical that he had a heart irregularity. At that point, it wasn't looking good for him to sign on anywhere.

So Hayes went to the Cleveland Clinic for almost an hour of further evaluation, according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, and then was told that he was OK to play pro basketball again and that there isn't a problem with his heart.

Wojnarowski reports that Hayes, who grew up near Sacramento, is now signing on again with the Kings, but still must pass his physical with the team.

"I'm ecstatic inside," Hayes told Wojnarowski. "It's a big relief. I have no worries at all. I have a healthy heart. My heart's fine. The doctors just say it's too big. It's too big means I have a big heart. I'm a big guy. That's all it is."

The new deal is worth $1.1 million more than his previous contract, Wojnarowski reports.

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