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Patrick O'Bryant

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The Boston Celtics continued their search for a big man by working out Patrick O'Bryant, Golden State's first-round pick (ninth overall) out of Bradley in 2006.

The 7-foot center showed decent range and solid footwork taking feeds in the post. But when he hit the low post against Wisconsin's Brian Butch and Detroit Mercy's Ryvon Covile, who had each been practicing since 9 in the morning, O'Bryant was tugging at his shorts not even 15 minutes into the drill, struggling to muster enough strength to defend either. Celtics spokesman Jeff Twiss pointed out that O'Bryant arrived in Boston at 1 a.m., although he tired quickly against players who had been on the court all morning. O'Bryant took the court at approximately 11 a.m.

Ainge, watching from the sideline, had already taken a look at Chris Andersen, David Harrison, and Kirk Snyder, and said, "We've had a lot of guys come in and work out. We're just continuing the process. We're just trying to find out who's available and find the best ones for us."


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