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Lots of teams are apparently calling Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge this week to check on the availability of shooting guard Ray Allen(notes), whose $19.7 million expires this summer, according to the Boston Globe.

Ainge is apparently not going to other teams to shop Allen and told the player that last week. But he can't stop others from asking and making offers. Ainge would only do it for a younger player who is a proven scorer.

Sacramento Kings shooting guard Kevin Martin(notes) has three years left on his contract and may be available because of the stellar play of rookie Tyreke Evans(notes).

However, the Kings might force whoever takes Martin to also take on Andres Nocioni(notes) and the two years left on his contract. If this last part is true, it could kill it for the Celtics, who don't have any desire to add more big contracts.

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Source: Boston Globe

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