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Wouldn't any team in the Eastern Conference want a guy who once body slammed Shaquille O'Neal(notes) now that the big guy is playing for Cleveland?

Apparently not. Celtics restricted free agent power forward Glen Davis(notes) isn't seeing much action on the contractual front and it's getting him annoyed.

As teams across the league (including his own with the signing of Shelden Williams(notes)!) sign other power forwards, Davis is starting to wonder what is up with his lack of signing.

Maybe it's his own demands that are holding things up. Davis supposedly did not like the last offer made by the Celtics earlier this week, according to the Boston Herald. He sent out a few frustrated tweets: "Anybody know what's going on with the Celtics? Cause I don't!" and "Well I don't know where I'm going to be!!! Where (you) guys think I'm going to be!!! Who needs a pf?"

You want to play for the Knicks, Glen?

Source: Boston Herald

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