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The Boston Celtics and Charlotte Bobcats are apparently talking about a trade that would send Glen Davis(notes) down South and bring D.J. Augustin(notes) to the Northeast, according to ESPN. The deal isn't close to happening but one never knows.

The 6'9" Davis would fill the power forward need that the Bobcats have and perhaps a change of scenery would help him lose the Big Baby nickname he's been trying to shake since he was a kid. You probably wouldn't want to call him that to his face. After all, this is the guy who when he was 15 supposedly body slammed Shaquille O'Neal(notes).

Charlotte Coach Larry Brown isn't happy with Augustin these days so he would fit the Celt's need for a backup point guard.

The problem is that other Celtics players need to be thrown into the deal in order to make it work financially and that may keep it from happening. They've got till Feb. 18 to figure it out.

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Source: ESPN

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