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Diehard Cleveland Cavaliers fans are likely still celebrating the team's victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night. But they may be swallowing another bitter pill when the NBA trade deadline hits on Feb. 24.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Ramon Sessions(notes) and Antawn Jamison(notes) are subjects in a lot of trade talks. The paper reports that the New Orleans Hornets are said to be very interested in Jamison but do not want to pay the amount that is still owed on his contract for this year and next.

The NBA-owned Hornets would like to obtain Jamison in case David West(notes) decides to become a free agent this summer, the paper proposes.

The paper also notes that the Atlanta Hawks are said to have interest in Sessions. Several sources say that the Hawks are offering a second-round pick for Sessions, but the Plain Dealer reports that that won't be enough. The Plain Dealer says that rookie Jordan Crawford(notes), whose big claim to fame is that he dunked on LeBron James(notes) a few summer camps ago, is a possibility.

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Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

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