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The NBA has been wanting to explore its brand globally. And, weirdly, the lockout may have that unplanned side effect since so many NBA players have either signed deals or at least considering the idea of playing overseas in order to stay in shape and make some cash while the next collective bargaining agreement is worked out.

Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer(notes) is the latest big name who says he's looking into overseas employment if the lockout continues, according to ESPN.

"I think as players we have to look at this lockout as an unfortunate challenge, but one that can create other unique and positive opportunities," Boozer told ESPN. "When I was part of Team USA that won Olympic Gold in Beijing, that experience changed my life in incredible ways."

Boozer was only able to play 59 games for the Bulls this past season, averaging 17.5 points and 9.6 rebounds.

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Source: ESPN

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