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James Worthy and Michael Jordan were teammates at the University of North Carolina and now it's looking like they may be working together on a different basketball team in a totally different capacity.

The Gaston Gazette is reporting that new Charlotte Bobcats majority owner Jordan may be hiring Worthy for a job with the team. "He's really interested in helping some people I know," Worthy said of Jordan to the Gazette. "He's talked to myself. He's talked to [former UNC teammate] Sam Perkins. When he gets ready to hire, he has our numbers. And I'm sure he'll call people that are interested."

Worthy has done TV work for his former pro team, the Los Angeles Lakers, but he says that wouldn't be his bag in Charlotte: "It would be more front office-type stuff - player personnel, assistant GM, anything that he needs community-oriented," Worthy told the paper.

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Source: Gaston Gazette

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