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Allen Iverson(notes) had a pretty rough season, starting things off miserably with the Memphis Grizzlies and then signing on to return to the Philadelphia 76ers, where he left the team only a few months later due to the sickness of his daughter and troubles at home. His wife ended up filing for divorce and sought custody for their five kids and it was reported that Iverson had some serious drinking and gambling problems.

Somewhere in there Larry Brown apparently told Michael Jordan that he wanted to bring Iverson in to be part of the Charlotte Bobcats. One presumes this was before Iverson's off-court problems were known and Brown was thinking it would be nice to have a guard around who ended the season with an average of 13.8 points per game on an average of 30.9 minutes per game.

Michael Jordan apparently was the one to put a stop to Brown's plans. Jordan supposedly told Brown it wasn't going to happen. "We had a short conversation about him," Jordan told the Observer.

So don't go thinking Larry gets whatever he wants.

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Source: Charlotte Observer

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