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The Portland Trail Blazers fired team vice president Tom Penn this week and the word is that owner Paul Allen may be sending general manager Kevin Pritchard out the door soon as well, according to the Oregonian.

Penn, Pritchard's right-hand man, supposedly got canned because the team is convinced that he used a non-existent offer from the Minnesota Timberwolves to get a raise and promotion nearly a year ago. "I'm not guessing on this, there's no speculation here, the resentment over the Minnesota thing is real," said the Oregonian's source.

The problem is that the Oregonian has dug up details that show the offer actually existed: a four-year deal to be president of basketball operations. The Wolves went on to hire David Kahn, saying he was their first choice all along.

As for Pritchard, he has one more year on his contract with a one-year team option after that. And it isn't clear that he'll make it to next season, let alone to 2011-12. Some of Allen's cohorts are upset with him and Penn now for picking Greg Oden(notes) instead of Kevin Durant(notes) in the 2007 draft. And they aren't happy that he couldn't attract any bigger free agents to Portland last summer.

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Source: Oregonian

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