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Guard Rudy Fernandez(notes), who has two years remaining on his contract with the Portland Trail Blazersdoesn't plan on showing up for training camp and has no intention of playing for the team, the Oregonian reports.

Fernandez is prepared to sit out the final two years of his contract until he can return to Europe and play for his homeland of Spain in 2012, the paper reports.

The 25-year-old Fernandez had already requested to be traded. Since nothing happened, his agent Andy Miller told the team his client would be fine being suspended and forfeiting the two years left on his contract, the paper reports. He's due to make $1.25 million this season.

The new Blazers GM Rich Cho has "overreached" in his attempt to trade Fernandez, turning down trade offers from the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and Boston Celtics, Miller told the paper. Now Fernandez is so frustrated with the whole thing, the agent says, he doesn't even want to play in the NBA anymore.

"All I can do now is stand on the rooftop and scream 'He's not coming!'" Miller told the paper. "He's just not coming back ... I've made that clear."

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Source: Oregonian

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