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Brandon Lloyd

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Brandon Lloyd had more receiving yards than any other Chicago Bear over the first four games before a misstep left him with a sprained posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the injury wasn't supposed to be a season-ening long setback, just a two-to-four-week annoyance. Now, five games and six weeks later, Lloyd has reverted to his familiar role of underachiever. Word is he was ready to return Sunday against the Tennessee Titans before being told thanks but no thanks by a coaching staff frustrated by his long recovery period.

Don't think for a second that Lloyd's ridiculous statement that he wouldn't be back until he was 100 percent was lost on the team, regardless of how he wants to spin it now.

''What I meant is that I want to be able to make the kind of moves I always make -- run the kind of routes and make the kind of cuts,'' Lloyd said. ''If I don't have that confidence, I'm worthless. If I'm not out here playing how I normally play, what good am I?

''I haven't been 100 percent since ... you're always fighting through a little something, everybody is fighting through a little something. I just kind of meant 100 percent in the sense of confidence and feeling kind of good about making plays I could normally make.''

Offensive coordinator Ron Turner denies Lloyd was being punished or ignored despite being healthy, saying simply that the player couldn't go, and that's why he wasn't on the active roster. Lloyd insists there was no punitive element when he was advised to take another game off in the locker room before the game. But people talk, and what they say is Lloyd should've been ready to play a couple of games ago, and his slow healing act led the team to give him more time off.

Source: Sun-Times

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