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During a recent interview on ESPN, newly signed Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest(notes) said the team needed to be "hoodalized.''

There is a difference of opinion whether signing the veteran, physical forward to a deal was a good thing or a bad thing. The deal has been both ripped and praised in the Los Angeles Times for example.

However, the Times did note that Artest, like him or not, will fill a void for the Lakers, who were viewed as "soft'' during different junctures of the regular season and playoffs.

The Times wrote: A little more than a month ago Denver physically pound them (the Lakers) to tie the Western Conference finals at two games each. They obviously toughened up enough to win those next two games, as well as the Finals, but this move was done with an eye toward the Eastern Conference. Now they have someone to slow down LeBron James(notes). And Paul Pierce(notes). (And also Carmelo Anthony(notes) . . . can't totally ignore the West.)

Source: Los Angeles Times

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