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Danny Ainge, the Boston Celtics president of basketball operations, denied rumors that he is trying to deal Rajon Rondo(notes) and Ray Allen(notes) before Thursday's NBA Draft, the Boston Globe reported.

Ainge told the Globe he expects the team to have the same starting five next season.

"We love Rajon,'' Ainge said. "I think everybody knows how good of a player he is and what sort of a bright future he has. It's amazing, I hope each one of you can maintain your integrity through this world of media that we live in — it doesn't even seem like you have to have any kind of source anymore, you just write stuff and print stuff, and things can just come out of the air.

"It's a little bit frustrating sometimes, because I've got to manage those players. And their agents, and their mothers, and their wives, and, in some cases, their children. But the one thing I can assure you, I will never sit up here and say there is any player that is untradeable, ever.

"But the notion that we might be trading [Rondo] because of his contract situation, I've heard speculation, or that we're dissatisfied with him, or his attitude. I mean, that stuff is so false. He showed up late for a playoff game, so we're going to trade him - none of those things are true.''


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