Nash disappointed by Kerr’s departure

NEW YORK – Steve Nash(notes) wasn’t happy to learn Phoenix Suns general manager Steve Kerr is leaving the franchise. And with a new management regime yet to be hired and Amar’e Stoudemire(notes) about to become a free agent, Nash is now left to nervously hope for the best.

This much is for sure: With Suns owner Robert Sarver cutting costs, Nash isn’t surprised by the franchise’s instability.

“I’m disappointed that Steve is gone,” Nash told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday prior to his “Showdown in Chinatown” charity soccer game. “Steve had opportunities that were better. I don’t blame him. I wish it was in our budget to maybe keep him around, but what can we do? I can’t get too deep into or else it will become a total detriment.

“We kind of knew this last summer where we were going. This season was like, ‘Wow, we can do this anyways.’ … The big thing is Amar’e. We’ll see what happens.”

Kerr left the Suns after he struggled to get more money for his staff and was asked to take a pay cut. He is expected to return to Turner and work as an analyst.

Stoudemire is expected to opt out of his contract and become a free agent.

“Hopefully, we can still sign Amar’e,” Nash said. “But I still have a lot of belief in the guys we have as people as much as anything. We’ll find a way to be competitive. We’ll find a way to be the best we can be at the level we were at the end of this year or better. Either way, I believe we’ll be a team that sticks together and comes close to reaching our potential, which is all you can ask for.

“I don’t have much control of the situation. There is not much I can do.”

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Updated Wednesday, Jun 23, 2010