NBA lockout commercial ideas for 2011: A fan’s perspective

The NBA lockout is official. Players, owners and fans hope it doesn't cancel any games starting in the fall. While many players will be on vacation during the summer, they won't get paid in the interim until a collective bargaining agreement is worked out.

The last time a labor dispute disrupted the NBA in 1998, stars turned to commercials in order to make money. Michael Jordan did a spot for Rayovac as a detective. Spike Lee had a sarcastic take on watching girl's basketball. Grant Hill(notes) was spotted mowing lawns and Tim Duncan(notes) walking dogs in a Sprite commercial .

Advertisements for 2011 can be just as funny with current players doing other things with their lives.

Soccer Goalie

The NBA has plenty of tall players with a long reach. Dirk Nowitzki(notes) is a giant for the Dallas Mavericks who could use extra work. He's from Germany, a country dominated by soccer-loving fans. He could make extra Euros by being in a hilarious commercial about being a soccer goalie in the Bundesliga.

Imagine the NBA center talking to the camera, endorsing a product. Off to the side, soccer balls keep flying towards him in the middle of speaking for 30 seconds. Instead of paying attention to the match or the throngs of screaming fans, Nowitzki calmly fends off shot after shot like a goalkeeping ninja.

"King James"

Lebron James(notes) made a move from Cleveland to Miami in hopes of winning an NBA title . Thanks to Nowitzki's Mavericks, James will have to wait another year. In the meantime, James can live up to his moniker. He can be in a commercial for some sort of pun on being royalty. Remember a snobbish Hulk Hogan talking about being civilized with underarm odor protection?

James can do the same thing as he sits on a throne with his crown. He can order about his minions, which could be other NBA stars, to do his bidding for whatever product. James can order them to deliver pizza, clean the castle, make him food, whatever he wants for whatever product needs high-powered advertising.

Odd Jobs II

Another commercial for odd jobs can come up for this advertising cycle. While the ladies of the WNBA are playing, NBA players can be seen doing things in more traditional female roles. Rocking babies to sleep, teaching pre-school and working as a secretary would all be things out of the elements of NBA players to do during the lockout. Any product can be inserted into the commercial that makes the lives of those depicted easier such as cleaning chemicals, household items or some food on the go.

Feminine Care Products

Imagine a big, burly man such as Kevin Durant(notes) relaxing in a bubble bath while he closes his eyes and listens to soft music. Much to viewer's surprise, he starts shaving his legs with a razor. It would be eye-catching and hilarious as the juxtaposition of NBA players out of work means they will be doing things in the off-season they otherwise wouldn't do. An appropriate sponsor would be some feminine care product.

Alternate Sports

Many NBA players have participated in other sports such as soccer, golf , football and baseball. Any one of these other sports could use a boost by having a locked-out NBA star become a spokesman or even a player for another team. The NFL's Chad Ochocinco has tried soccer, bull riding and driving a NASCAR automobile . Other sports could use extra public relations by having NBA stars in their midst as a hobby.

No matter what they decide, NBA players have plenty of options for their off-season plans should the labor dispute be prolonged.

William Browning is a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder ever since the team relocated from Seattle. As the closest NBA team to Branson, Mo., the Thunder serve as the regional team for southwest Missouri.

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Updated Thursday, Jul 7, 2011