Trail Blazers Trade Tanguy Ngombo to the Minnesota Timberwolves: A Fan’s Reaction

The Portland Trail Blazers pulled off a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves, sending the draft rights to forward Tanguy Ngombo(notes) in a new deal. In exchange for Ngombo, Portland will get a future second-round selection from the Timberwolves, a pick that will likely be much better than what the Blazers had to give up.

The Blazers acquired Ngombo in a deal with the Dallas Mavericks during the 2011 NBA Draft. Portland sent guard Rudy Fernandez(notes) in exchange for No. 26 draft pick Jordan Hamilton(notes) out of Texas and Ngombo. Hamilton was flipped in the trade with the Denver Nuggets that also sent out Andre Miller(notes) in exchange for Raymond Felton(notes).

For Portland fans that still liked Fernandez, and there weren't a lot of them anymore, this trade might seem like a big slap in the face. It seems that the Blazers were more intent on giving up Fernandez than getting back true assets, and that they were perfectly content with undervaluing him in a trade. For Fernandez, this will be a chance at a fresh start with a team that will play the Blazers quite often. For Portland, it's another step in a new direction.

The Blazers still need to do a bit of maneuvering before the 2011 NBA season gets started, even if it is destined to be delayed by months due to an ill-timed lockout. Right now it looks like they will have a starting lineup of Marcus Camby(notes), LaMarcus Aldridge(notes), Gerald Wallace(notes), Wesley Matthews(notes), and Raymond Felton heading into the season. That's not bad at all, especially with players like Nicolas Batum(notes) and Brandon Roy(notes) still coming off the bench.

The depth on the roster will be improved with the addition of Jon Diebler(notes) and Nolan Smith(notes) through the 2011 NBA Draft, and it appears very likely that Greg Oden(notes) will be the backup center to start out. He could easily take that job away from Camby if he proves that he deserves to start, but outside of these 10 players, the rest will simply be roster filler unless injuries start to take their toll on the team again.

The Blazers are quicker with this new roster, but some might argue about whether they have improved the talent level or not. It's definitely going to be interesting to see what Portland does for the rest of the NBA offseason.

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*Ryan is a Northwest bred sports fan that has been a Portland Trail Blazers fan for years. He doesn't miss a game, and has high hopes that the Blazers can improve their roster during the offseason and come back even better in the 2011-12 NBA season.

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Updated Tuesday, Jun 28, 2011