76ers shouldn’t trade up in NBA Draft: Fan’s take

For once in the offseason, the Philadelphia 76ers are a team on the rise. The 76ers have a solid group of young players, and a few good moves could put them in serious contention within a year or two. The biggest offseason storyline involves Andre Iguodala(notes). Iguodala wants to be traded, and the 76ers would be wise to do that. However, it only makes sense if the deal is right. As a 76ers fan, I'm hoping the team doesn't trade Iguodala to move up in the 2011 NBA Draft.

There are rumors that Iguodala could be the headliner in package with the Minnesota Timberwolves that moves the 76ers up to the number two pick in the draft. Those rumors seem to suggest that they will take Enes Kanter, a center who could bring the team some good size. However, I'm not sure if Kanter is the answer for this team. I certainly don't think that he is worth Iguodala. Kanter is a project at best. If the 76ers were to move up in this draft, they'd be wise to pick a player like Derrick Williams. But the truth is they should keep their pick. The 2011 NBA Draft is very weak, and the 76ers should look for trades in other areas.

Ideally, the team will ship Iguodala for an expiring contract. The Chris Kaman rumors were exciting for just that reason. The 2012 offseason is shaping up to be full of elite free agents. The 76ers could have Kaman for one year, which would help their size. Then, they could be ready to pounce on a true superstar. It makes a lot of sense. The Minnesota trade rumors make no sense. Trading Iguodala is a priority, but the 76ers can't force it with a bad trade. Fans remember the awful trades involving Wilt Chamberlain and Charles Barkley. Iguodala is nowhere near that level of player, but a bad trade could set this team back.

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Updated Monday, May 23, 2011