Iguodala trade rumors swirl: Fan reaction

The Philadelphia 76ers season has been over for a bit now, but hasn't stopped them from making the news. With Andre Iguodala(notes) likely to be involved in trade talk throughout the summer, there is no shortage of rumors involving the 76ers swingman. Iguodala is coming off one of his stronger seasons, in large part because Doug Collins got him to realize he wasn't a superstar on the floor. Of course, Iguodala still has the wrong mentality, which could mean he is on his way out of town. The latest reports involve two rumors, one of which is pretty appealing.

The first rumor involves trading Iguodala for Memphis for Rudy Gay(notes). This would be a bizarre trade for both teams. Memphis is in the middle of a big playoff run, which they have done without the injured Gay. Why would they want to bring Iguodala into that fold? Gay may be expendable for Memphis, but I don't think they'd trade him for Iguodala. The money is even, but that is about it. For the 76ers, they would be getting a guy coming off a shoulder injury. Gay won't make the team that much better. He is also just one year into a fiver deal that pays him the max.

The other rumor is much more intriguing. This involves dealing Iguodala to the Los Angeles Clippers for Chris Kaman(notes). Kaman is a solid big man, a major void in Philadelphia last year. More importantly, he has only one year left on his contract. That would open up a ton of cap space for the summer of 2012, when a number of big free agents should be available. If the 76ers can swing this trade, they should pull the trigger. They aren't likely to find a better option out there. It's not like they are sacrificing next year either. Kaman is a double double threat every game, and his presence will make the 76ers much better right away. With potential changes in Boston and New York, the 76ers could throw their hat in the Atlantic Division mix as soon as next season.

* - I am a Philadelphia resident and fan of the 76ers.

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Updated Tuesday, May 10, 2011