List of defending champions swept the following season: NBA history at a glance

On May 8, the Los Angeles Lakers lost once again and were swept from the NBA Playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks 122-86. In the process, they became the seventh defending champion to be swept out of the NBA Playoffs the next season, and the fourth repeat champion to be swept. It was the third time the Lakers suffered the fate, although the previous occurrences happened in the NBA Finals.

Here are the defending champions that have been swept out of the playoffs in NBA history:

*All sweeps were 4-0 except for the final one listed (chronologically, the first), which was a 2-0 result.

2010-11 L.A. Lakers

Regular Season Record: 57-25

Seed: 2

Round: Western Conference Semifinals

-Along with blowing a couple easily winnable games during the series, the Lakers were routed in their final playoff game in Dallas to complete a 4-0 sweep.

2006-07 Miami Heat

Regular Season Record: 44-38

Seed: 4

Round: First Round

-The declining Heat were no match for the Chicago Bulls in their quick first round series.

1995-96 Houston Rockets

Regular Season Record: 48-34

Seed: 5

Round: Western Conference Semifinals

-Despite pulling off a clutch fourth quarter comeback reminiscent of their comebacks during the championship runs, the nemesis and top seeded Seattle SuperSonics finished off the Clutch City era with a 114-107 Game 4 win in overtime over the two time defending champions. It was their 13th straight win over the Rockets, including the postseason.

1990-91 Detroit Pistons

Regular Season Record: 50-32

Seed: 3

Round: Eastern Conference Finals

-On their last legs, the Bad Boy Pistons made way for the Bulls dynasty in a sweep.

1988-89 L.A. Lakers

Regular Season Record: 57-25

Seed: 1

Round: NBA Finals

-Like the series above, this was the death of one era of dominance and the berth of another. Only this time, the Pistons were establishing their mini-dynasty while the Lakers, who had won the last two trophies and had advanced to eight NBA Finals series during the 1980's, were shown the door in part thanks to an injury to Magic Johnson. Though they regrouped and advanced to the 1991 Finals, the Lakers wouldn't be a serious championship contender for another decade.

1982-83 L.A. Lakers

Regular Season Record: 58-24

Seed: 1

Round: NBA Finals

-Julius Erving, Moses Malone and the Philadelphia 76ers made easy work of the defending champion Lakers.

1956-57 Philadelphia Warriors

Regular Season Record: 37-35

Seed: 3

Round: Eastern Division Semifinals

-Philly's original team was defeated by it's future team, the Syracuse Nationals, 2-0 in the first round of the 1957 NBA Playoffs.

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Updated Monday, May 9, 2011