Fan reaction: Cleveland Cavaliers lose while coaches confuse - who said that?

The Cleveland Cavaliers game Monday night against the Orlando Magic was typical in many ways; they lost, were unable to stop Dwight Howard(notes) and had good players sitting due to injury. As a Cavs fan, the frustration level has gone done and in it's place is left resignation.

Consolation Prize
The final score of 97-86 could have worse. The Magic had a 15 point lead in the first quarter and were leading by 26 points late in the third quarter. Cleveland turned on the heat toward the end with Gibson and Eyenga hitting three-pointers. It was a bit too late though, or Orlando was simply bored with us. Orlando beat Cleveland four times this season. We used to be rivals, those days are over.

Who Said It?
"No, it's not hard. I don't understand that. No, it's not hard. You only play 82 games a year. It shouldn't be hard to just go out and play hard all the time." No, that wasn't Coach Byron Scott, although he has uttered much the same sentiment many a time. "Obviously, we've seen ebs and flows. I don't have an excuse for it. We need to play harder and sharper. And, play sharper for longer periods of time." Again, this wasn't Coach Scott. The Orlando Magic Coach, Stan Van Gundy, was frustrated by his team. The could have crushed the Cavs, but instead pulled back toward the end of the game. They were toying with us.

Lineup Changes.
Coach Scott has continually tweaked the starting lineup throughout the season. In fact, they have used 21 starting lineups over the past 69 games, resulting in a mere 13 wins. With key players sitting and those on the court inconsistently performing, what's a coach to do?

'Slow starts are commonplace lately, causing Coach Scott to look at more changes, "The one serious thing I have control over is minutes,'' Scott said. ''If you're not playing as hard as I think you can play, then come over and take a seat with us.'' Unfortunately, he doesn't have many options left.

Baron Davis(notes) would be nice to have on the court, but he is suffering from back spasms that have left him sidelined. Since being acquired by the Cavaliers, Davis has only played four games, ugh.

March Madness.
If the Cavaliers are difficult to watch, basketball fans in Ohio have plenty to keep themselves busy with. As Ohio State moves along, fans aren't the only ones watching. Coach Byron Scott is keeping on eye on this year's NCAA Tournament. "I don't watch games as a fan, I watch as a coach." Scott says, "But I am looking at a lot of these guys thinking: 'HE can help us.' So I'm kind of looking both ways, which is the only way I can look at it right now."

Up Next.
Wednesday, March 23, 2011 the Cleveland Cavaliers host the New Jersey Net at the Q.

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Updated Tuesday, Mar 22, 2011