Most 3-point field goals in a game by player in NBA history

To date the most 3-point field goals made in an NBA game by one player is 12, which has been done by two players. This is one NBA record I expect to be broken in the not too distant future.

This season on November 27, 2010 Dorell Wright of the Golden State Warriors sank 9 out of 12 three point shots to get within shouting distance of the record. Last season J.R. Smith(notes) of the Denver Nuggets made 10 three-pointers in a game and Rodrique Beaubois of the Dallas Mavericks and Chauncy Billups also on the Nuggets both made 9 three-pointers in a game. Two seasons ago Smith made 11 three-pointers in a game.

In addition two more active players Peja Stojakovic(notes) and Ray Allen(notes) have both made 10 three-pointers in a game. And 7 other active players have made 9 three-pointers in a game including Kobe Bryant(notes) who has done it three times and Ben Gordon(notes) and Mike Miller(notes) who have both done it twice. Ray Allen has also made 9 three-pointers in a game twice in the playoffs.

Also over two dozen active players in the NBA including LeBron James(notes) have made 8 three-pointers in a game and three of those players did it this season - J.R. Smith again and Reggie Williams(notes) and Mickael Pietrus(notes).

The current all time leader in 3-point FG percentage is Anthony Morrow(notes) who plays for my team in the NBA the New Jersey Nets. The most 3-pointers Morrow has ever made in a game so far in his career is 6 but it would be a great thrill to watch Morrow or any Net even come close to the record.

So plenty of active players obviously have the ability to break the record and I think it's just a matter of time before one of them is going to do it.

Most 3-point Field Goals in a Game by Player in NBA History

T-1. Kobe Bryant - 12

On January 7, 2003 Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers made 12 three-point shots against the Seattle Supersonics to set the record for most 3-pointers by a player in one game. Kobe made 12 of the 18 (.667) three-point shots he took and finished with 45 total points in the game.

As noted above Kobe also had 9 three-pointers in a game 3 times and he also once had 8 three-pointers in a game. Though he is getting a little older Kobe is still a big threat to break his own record.

T-1. Donyell Marshall(notes) - 12

On March 13, 2005 Donyell Marshall of the Toronto Raptors came off the bench to hit 12 of 19 three-point shots against the Philadelphia 76ers and tie the record for most 3-point shots made in a game. Marshall would only make one two-point shot in the game and finished with 38 total points.

T-3. Dennis Scott - 11

With a little help on April 18, 1996 Dennis Scott of the Orlando Magic set the previous record of 11 three-point field goals in one game against the Atlanta Hawks. Beginning during the 1994-95 season the NBA moved in the three-point line to 22 feet from the basket to improve scoring in the league. The NBA moved the line back to its original distance after the 1996-97 season so Scott broke the record while the line was at 22 feet.

Dennis Scott also broke the record that season for most 3-point field goals in a season with 267 (Ray Allen has since broken that record).

T-3. J.R. Smith - 11

As noted above J.R. Smith who is from New Jersey hit 11 three-pointers on April 13, 2009 against the Sacramento Kings. Smith did not start the game for the Nuggets but came off the bench to make 11 of 18 three-point attempts and scored 45 total points in the game.

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Updated Monday, Feb 7, 2011