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The New Orleans Hornets extended their winning streak to six with a dramatic 103-102 OT win over the Memphis Grizzlies at the Hive. The Hornets came back from a 15-point 3rd quarter deficit thanks in large part to Marcus Thornton's(notes) 17 points in the 4th quarter and OT. As a diehard Hornets fan, this was perhaps my favorite game so far this year. In fact, this Hornets run is now among their longest winning streaks ever. Take a look back at the New Orleans Hornets longest winning streaks.

12/30/2009-1/10/2010: Six-game winning streak

Early in the 2009-10 season, head coach Byron Scott was fired after a 3-6 start. Over the next 26 games, the Hornets went 16-10. The last six games of that stretch encompassed a six-game winning streak. Amazingly, each margin of victory during the winning streak was four or five points. The Hornets high scorer during the winning streak was David West(notes) who scored 32 points in a 103-99 win over the New Jersey Nets.

1/9/2011-1/19/2011: Six-game winning streak (in progress)

It's hard to imagine a more exciting stretch of games than the Hornets last six wins. Among the six victories are three OT games. One of the wins in the six-game winning streak came against Eastern Conference power the Orlando Magic. The only game that I thought was a yawner was the win over the Toronto Raptors. And even in that game, Emeka Okafor(notes) tied a New Orleans Hornets record with 12 offensive rebounds.

2/23/2009-3/7/2009: Seven-game winning streak

After winning the Southwest division and advancing to the second round of the Western Conference playoffs in 2008, the 2008-09 Hornets never seemed to reach fans' expectations. But things got crazy at the Hive for awhile late in the season thanks to a seven-game winning streak. The Hornets mostly beat up on mediocre teams, but one of the wins was a 104-88 victory over the Dallas Mavericks.

2/19/2003-3/7/2003: Eight-game winning streak

In 2003, I was not used to New Orleans teams winning. I could count the Saints playoff games on two hands and their playoff wins on one finger. So the Hornets 47-35 season was sheer joy. And the best part was the Hornets eight-game winning streak. Although the winning streak including three wins on the west coast, my favorite game was the first win over the Washington Wizards because I finally saw my childhood idol Michael Jordan in person.

10/27/2010-11/13/2010: Eight-game winning streak

As great as the current six-game winning streak is, it isn't even the Hornets longest winning streak of the season. While billions of people were watching the three-headed monster in Miami, about 100,000 people in New Orleans were watching Hornets rookie head coach Monty Williams get off to an 8-0 start. Wait. Let me correct that. Billions of people did see one Hornets win. That was the night we beat the Heat 96-93!

1/11/2008-1/28/2008: Nine-game winning streak

The Hornets greatest full season in New Orleans to date was the 2007-08 season. After 82 games, the Hornets and San Antonio Spurs were tied atop the Southwest division at 56-26. But thanks in part to the Hornets 102-78 thrashing of the Spurs in San Antonio on 1/26/2008, the Hornets won the tiebreaker and earned the #2 seed. That win was part of a nine-game winning streak, the longest in New Orleans Hornets history. Shockingly, the Hornets won each game in the winning streak by an average margin of victory of 21 points.


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Updated Thursday, Jan 20, 2011