2011 NBA free agents list could boost several teams in offseason

The 2011 NBA free agents list is full of former NBA All Stars that could make a different on new teams. The 2011 NBA free agents list could definitely improve a number of teams that have salary cap room heading into the offseason, but the teams losing some of these key players could come out as teams needing to re-build soon.

We constructed a list at the end of the article of the 2011 NBA free agents, some of which have player options that will allow them to enter the market if they don't want to stay under their current contracts. There are also several very good protected free agents that have qualifying offers, meaning that another team can make them an offer, but that their original team can choose to match that offer. If no contract offers are made outside of the qualifying offer, the player can then decide to just accept that contract for the one year deal.

All of the salaries that were used in our 2011 NBA free agents list were taken from hoopshype.com, which has constructed a large data base for all that information. The salary listed after the player name is what they made in the 2010-11 NBA season, rounded so that there aren't too many numbers after the decimal points. We then calculated which teams will have the most salary cap room for the 2011 NBA offseason, giving them an advantage when it comes to signing any of the bigger name free agents out there.

There are a couple of important things to consider in this market, beginning with the potential NBA lockout that could happen the day after the 2011 NBA Finals. That would freeze everything, not allowing players to sign new contracts with anyone until the lockout comes to a close. The NBA lockout could also impact the 2011 NBA Draft as well as affect which college basketball players decide to commit to the draft. During the lockout there should be negotiations between the owners and the player's association, and through those negotiations we should learn what the new salary cap is going to be. That will dictate how much each team can spend this offseason, and just how much the luxury tax will be for teams exceeding the cap.

Right now it looks like the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers will have the most money to spend this offseason, with several other teams also well under the cap. Someone could overpay for the services of Glen Davis(notes) or Kendrick Perkins(notes), as they are free agents from the Boston Celtics at the end of the year. Some of the big names on offense (right now), are Carmelo Anthony(notes), Caron Butler(notes), Carl Landry(notes), and JR Smith(notes). Some defensive players like David West(notes), Tayshaun Prince(notes), and Shane Battier(notes) are also available. The interesting free agents include Zach Randolph(notes), Andrei Kirilenko(notes), Kenyon Martin(notes), and Predrag Stojakovic, simply because nobody knows what their markets will look like.

Trades and contract extensions could change the playing field before the 2010-11 NBA season comes to an end, but there are definitely quite a few players in this free agent market that could be coupled with superstars to lead a team into the playoffs.

2011 NBA Free Agent List

Andrei Kirilenko ($17.8)

Carl Landry ($3)

Carlos Arroyo(notes) ($1.2)

Carmelo Anthony ($17.1)— Player Option

Caron Butler ($10.6)

Dan Gadzuric(notes) ($7.2)

David West ($8.3)—Player Option

Eddy Curry(notes) ($11.2)

Glen Davis ($3.3)

Greg Oden(notes) ($6.8)—Qualifying Offer

Jamal Crawford(notes) ($10.1)

Jason Richardson(notes) ($14.4)

Jeff Green(notes) ($4.5)— Qualifying Offer

Joel Pryzbilla ($7.2)

JR Smith ($6)

Kendrick Perkins ($4.4)

Kenyon Martin ($17.2)

Marko Jaric(notes) ($7.6)

Michael Redd(notes) ($18.3)

Mike Dunleavy ($10.6)

Nazr Mohammad ($6.9)

Predrag Stojakovic ($15.3)

Rodney Stuckey(notes) ($2.8)— Qualifying Offer

Samuel Dalembert(notes) ($12.2)

Sasha Vujacic(notes) ($5.4)

Shane Battier ($7.3)

Shannon Brown(notes) ($2.2)—Player Option

Tayshaun Prince ($11.2)

TJ Ford(notes) ($8.5)

Troy Murphy(notes) ($12.0)

Tyson Chandler(notes) ($12.8)

Vince Carter(notes) ($17.3)—Team Option

Wilson Chandler(notes) ($2.1)— Qualifying Offer

Yao Ming(notes) ($17.7)

Zach Randolph ($17.3)

Teams With Lowest 2011-12 Salaries

Sacramento Kings—$27.6

Indiana Pacers—$34.8

Houston Rockets—$36.2

New Jersey Nets—$36.3

Memphis Grizzlies—$40.8

Minnesota Timberwolves—$41.7

New York Knicks—$42.5

Denver Nuggets—$43.9

Toronto Raptors—$45



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Updated Wednesday, Jan 12, 2011