Cleveland Cavaliers’ Antawn Jamison Wants to Stay with the Cavs: Fan Take

Cleveland Cavaliers' Antawn Jamison has had a really great season. With the trade deadline looming, there have been quite a few rumors about him parting ways with the Cavs. However, it is being reported that the Cavs do not want to move Jamison and he has not requested a trade.

Jamison is averaging 18.3 points per game and 6.7 rebounds per game. He and Kyrie Irving have an undeniable chemistry. He is also a solid leader on this very young team. The Cavs need him and his talent, especially when they are just a few games short of a playoff spot.

Will Jamison and the Cavs make the postseason? They may not, but the turnaround this team has made since last season is something that has to be respected. Jamison has played a major role in this turnaround.

Even if the Cavs wanted to move Jamison, it would be difficult due to him making $15 million this season.

The Cavs just beat the Oklahoma City Thunder. I will be honest, I did not think that they would win this game. I absolutely love my Cavs, but the Thunder are simply on fire this year. However, the Cavs prevailed and a lot of the reason they won this game was Jamison. Yes, others stood out too, but Jamison had 21 points and eight rebounds. He was also the biggest guy on the floor - standing at six-foot-nine - all night.

"We were able to come in and do this to one of the most explosive offensive teams in the league and a team that doesn't lose at home," said Jamison. "For us to come in and stay focused and get that type of victory, this is by far the biggest win of the season."

He is right. Also, let's not forget that the Cavs also beat the Denver Nuggets, who are currently the league's highest scoring team. Jamison had 25 points in this game.

Will Jamison be with us next season? There is a high chance that he won't - though I wish he would hang around in Cleveland for several more years - so the Cavs need to take advantage of having him now. He has fantastic stats and he also has the ability to mentor and lead our younger players. He is also the perfect balance of honest and positive. This is a rare combination, especially when the team is down.

R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and still lives there. She was raised a Cavs' fan and has remained loyal through all of the teams ups and downs. She remains confident that the Cavs will bring home a championship at some point in her life. Follow Rose on Twitter @Rose_Kitchen

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Updated Sunday, Mar 11, 2012