Celtics Can’t Afford to Trade Rondo: Fan Take

By now it's obvious that Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge is desperate to deal Rajon Rondo. The young PG on the table in just about every workable scheme imaginable back in December, and nobody bit. Now that the trade deadline is just a week away, Rondo is being put out in the storefront window yet again. Apparently when Ainge sees four straight wins and a triple-double (Rondo's fourth of the season), it makes him all the more convinced of Rondo's trade value.

I think plenty of fellow fans would agree with Ainge; Rondo will be a critical part of the Cs' next championship. Ainge just thinks we'll get there off of a Rondo trade.

Despite the supposed baggage that Rondo came into the season with, last year's inconsistency and the well-known attitude problems, the PG doesn't have to win over any more fans. When Bob Cousy is adamant that Rondo shouldn't be traded, you know he's done something right. Sunday's performance against the New York Knicks was an indication of just what Rondo's done.

In a regular season game that had the most attention of any the Cs have played so far, it was Rondo who came out the undisputed star, not Jeremy Lin. After 20 assists, 18 points, and 17 rebounds, what more does Rondo have left to prove? Those numbers aren't an anomaly. His per-36-minute scoring (14) and assists (9.9) are well above his career averages.

Nobody who's watched this frustrating season unfold should have any illusions. For the most part, the big three have suffered the worst-case scenario of showing their age in game after game. Sure, there have been a few shining moments from each of the aging veterans, but make no mistake, Rondo has largely carried this team.

Now the guy with one of the worst track records of GMs in the last few years, a guy who hasn't made a decent trade since…well, since the last championship, now he wants to let go of one of the best PGs in the league. This is a PG who's costing Ainge what amounts to a bargain basement price. This also happens to be a player who simply will not get Ainge a top-tier superstar, simply because that's the way the NBA works.

Don't get me wrong, I was excited about the potential CP3 trade before the season got underway. In hindsight, it's hard to see how it would've been anything other than doomed from the start. If this Cs team no longer has a real title shot this season (this fan can still hope) any chance of salvaging things would come when Ainge takes a hard look at the aging vets.

It simply makes zero sense to let go of the best young player on the squad right now. As hard as it to imagine a Cs team without Paul Pierce or Ray Allen, it's even harder to imagine how the Celts of the near future would be real contenders without a known commodity like Rondo.

Taurus Londono has lived in Massachusetts for over ten years. He is a longtime fan of the Boston Celtics.

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Updated Tuesday, Mar 6, 2012