When the Offense is Painful, the Knicks Turn to Novakaine: Fan Reaction

During the early part of this NBA season, the New York Knicks' offense was often painful to watch. As luck would have it, they found Novakaine. That moniker, coined by Knicks color commentator Walt Frazier, aptly describes the remarkable play of forward Steve Novak. [video: Steve Novak - NOVAKAINE MIX]

When the offense is struggling, the New York Knicks turn to Steve Novak.

While much of the credit for the Knicks' resurgence goes to point guard Jeremy Lin, Novak has been a valuable contributor. Sherlock Holmes had Dr. Watson. Batman had Robin. Lin has Novak. Novak has been a spark off the bench for the Knicks. He has provided instant relief for their offensive woes. He has resuscitated the Knicks when they were left for dead.

Novak has had a journeyman career in the NBA. Before joining the Knicks, he played for four different teams in his first five years in the league. Now, on the biggest stage in the world, Novak is shining. He is averaging a career-high 8.0 points per game and has become a vital player off the bench. He is fourth in the NBA in three-point shooting (46.9%) and sixth in shots made (2.2).

With Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire still trying to find their rhythm, Novak has picked up the slack. In the last game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Novak and the second unit erased a 17-point deficit. Novak hit five three-pointers in the second half and finished with 17 points in just 17 minutes. Talk about instant relief.

Novak has been a great find for the Knicks. His former coach Jeff Van Gundy called him the "world's best pure shooter." Those are big words for a player who has been tossed around the league. But Novak is proving Van Gundy right. Like Lin, Novak is making the most of his opportunity in New York. He is a perfect fit for Coach Mike D'Antoni's system. He has been given a chance to be a major contributor on the Knicks, and he is embracing the role.

So the next time you see the Knicks struggle on offense, the next time the frustration starts to set in, fear not. Relief is on the way. Novakaine will dull the pain, energize you and make it all feel better. The offensive woes will go away so you can enjoy the rest of the game.

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Updated Saturday, Mar 3, 2012