DeMarcus’ Mentoring: Chris Webber Teaching Cousins

NBA centers and big men in general often require additional instruction than wing players and guards do not.

DeMarcus Cousins has not been an exception to that rule.

Cousins' attitude and work ethic has routinely been called into question, but he continues to press forward on a very bad team, working on his game and learning from a Sacramento Kings' legend in Chris Webber.

Webber played 14 seasons in the NBA and posted career averages of roughly 20 points and 10 rebounds per game. He's also widely considered one of the best high post power forwards in the game. At his best, Webber was capable of running the Kings offense from the elbow to top of the key area on the court. His career average of 4.2 assists per game speaks to that ability.

Cousins has a long way to go until he becomes that kind of passer. Cousins so far this season is averaging only 1.1 assists per game while turning it over 2.6 times a night. Last season, his turnovers were even worse (3.3 per game), but he picked up a few extra dimes (2.5 per game). He must learn how to better react to double teams and defensive rotations to maximize his potential offensively.

Also, Cousins is still shooting only 43% from the floor. A solid NBA big man should shoot at least 50%, if not well higher, and Cousins has to improve his shot selection and work on his footwork to ever approach that benchmark.

Webber should be able to impart some of those abilities.

"I have the utmost respect for C-Webb, he's a real person," Cousins said of the relationship. "He went through similar situations… I guess you can say a big brother looking over me."

That may be all Cousins needs. He always has seemed more like someone that needed to mature and receive good mentoring and guidance, not a lost cause head case that can never pan out as a player or as a person.

I'm sure we've just seen the start of things for Cousins, so I try not to be too hard on the fact that he has a negative assists to turnover ratio, has feuded with coaches, and frequently seems to take stretches off during games. I realize such things illustrate serious deficiencies as a player, but Webber should be able to right ship, if anyone is.

Source: Real GM Wiretap

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Updated Tuesday, Mar 6, 2012