NBA 2K12 is a Slam Dunk: A Sports Video Game Review

2K Sports has made another amazing sports video game. NBA and sports video game fans will enjoy the thrill of NBA 2K12 from 2K Sports.

The game is available for Wii, X-Box, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, and PC.

Graphics and game play

First, the graphics are amazingly realistic. Camera angles simulate those of actual game coverage from sideline cameras to baseline shots. The game also features realistic close-ups that allow users to see the players' facial expressions that illustrate the glee of a slam dunk and buzzer-beating 3-point shot and the frustration as the players disagree with the call.

Replays allow users to control fast, normal or slow motion, zoom in on the key plays, and freeze the camera shot. Users can set quarter lengths to various times up to 12 minutes each and select automatic or manual coaching and substitutions. Team rosters are accurate, as of the end of the 2010-2011 season.

Realistic Announcers

Announcers Steve Kerr, Kevin Harlan, and Clark Kellogg give the full play-by-play, real-time commentary, and halftime and final game recaps. Commentaries include praise for good performance as well as criticism for miscues. Doris Burke offers sideline updates and commentaries that make the game very similar to a television broadcast. The announcers even refer to plays and happenings from earlier in the game, as well as updated game scoring statistics throughout the game.

Choice of exhibition or full-season play

Gamers can choose between exhibition and season mode. Exhibition mode allows users to play a single game with teams of choice and practice learning the controls and honing their skills. Practice modes and tutorials teach the controls and drill users in using them. Season mode allows users to compete for the league championship. Users can set the schedule for 29, 58, or 82 games. Playoff tournament follows, leading up to the NBA finals.

Users may also choose to play as some of the best teams and players in NBA history. Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant can play against Dr. J or Wilt Chamberlain. Larry Bird's Boston Celtics can rekindle the rivalry with Magic Johnson's Los Angeles Lakers.

Create your own players - even yourself

Users can create players, including themselves, and give them Hall-of-Fame talent in shooting, dribbling, defense, and more. They can join NBA rosters and insert themselves into the starting lineup and take on the NBA's best.

Realistic experience

NBA 2K12 provides hours of enjoyment for sports video game fans of all ages. Those who like the realistic experience of game play, announcing, season play, and championship play will truly enjoy this game.


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Updated Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012