Baron Davis Has Elbow Infection, New York Knicks Return in Question: A Fan’s Reaction

Injury problems for the New York Knicks just seem to get worse every day, with new information coming in about Baron Davis. Information from the Associated Press reveals that Davis had to stop workouts to deal with an infection in his right elbow. He has to go through treatment for this latest setback, resulting in more time between now and his return to the court.

This is not good news, especially for fans that had hoped Davis could return and offer the struggling Knicks a bit of veteran leadership. He still hasn't played a game for the franchise after getting signed to a free agent deal in the offseason. Davis had suffered through a herniated disk in his back and was working at returning to the court when news about the infection surfaced.

The great news about this whole situation is that many Knicks fans have moved attention away from Davis to Jeremy Lin. Lin has put up impressive statistics in two straight games for the Knicks, going for 25 points against the New Jersey Nets on Saturday (Feb. 4) and then scoring 28 points against the Utah Jazz on Monday night (Feb. 6). In the game against the Jazz, Lin went 10-for-17 from the field in 45 minutes of play, registering 2 steals and 8 assists in the game.

I just reported that Carmelo Anthony is going to miss 1-2 more weeks due to his latest injury and he joins Amare Stoudemire as players unavailable for the Wednesday (Feb. 8) game against the Washington Wizards. Stoudemire is out to deal with some family business and that means the roster is going to look a little thin for the short-term. Lin will likely remain the starting point guard in the absence of the two forwards, with Jared Jeffries and Bill Walker probably the choices of coach Mike D'Antoni to start as well.

The news about Davis means that his timetable for a return gets delayed again, especially due to the fact that he won't even return to practice until the infection has cleared up. At that point, it looks like 7-10 days between returning to practice and when he will see minutes in an official game. It has been a long wait already, but maybe the team has found gold in the form of Lin. All of these losses and injuries have given him the shot to really prove what he can do. Maybe Davis won't have to become the savior for the franchise after all.

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*Ryan Christopher DeVault is a fan of the New York Knicks that has followed the team since the days John Starks, Charles Oakley, and Anthony Mason instilled their defensive will on the rest of the league.

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Updated Tuesday, Feb 7, 2012