Devin Harris on the Move?—Will Anyone Want Him?

Devin Harris has been under performing all season and no one really knows why. I mean, we didn't have any real precedence from last season's play to have an indication one way or the other as to what kind of season Harris may have in his first full year with the Jazz (not actually a full year!—or training camp for that matter!), so his struggles are a little perplexing from the standpoint that Harris has been a pretty decent player over his career.

Marc Stein of ESPN tweeted that he was hearing "rumblings" of a Harris trade rumor.

That of course begs the question to me: Which teams actually want Harris?

Who is willing to shell out anything more than a second round pick for an almost 29 year old with almost no upside that is averaging 8 points per game on 35% shooting? I've long expressed my feelings about Jameer Nelson's inadequacies as a beat writer for the Magic, but Jameer Nelson is still better than Devin Harris, and most NBA team's point guards are.

There are a few teams that might be foolish enough to line up for Harris' services. The Knicks—realistically—do not actually have any better options as they wait for a gimpy and overweight Baron Davis to make his return to the court. Adding Harris may or may not make them any better, but if they could obtain him for pennies no the dollar, maybe they would. They have also been mentioned to be interested in bringing back Raymond Felton, as Felton spent 56 games in a Knick uniform last season before being shipped to Denver in the Carmelo Anthony trade and eventually defecting to Blazers via free agency.

Harris wouldn't help a lot of teams, and at this point I really don't see any teams that would seek to "rebuild" with a guy like Harris who is no longer all that young to begin with. He offers almost no upside, which is deceiving because at his best he was pretty darn good (21+ ppg, 7+ apg). So, I would be disappointed to see any contender throw too much away on a guy who may not ever eclipse that level of production ever again (Then again, he just as well may, those things are hard to predict and this is afterall a shortened season).

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Updated Friday, Jan 20, 2012