Eddy Curry Sheds 100 Pounds: Learn Something, America

Eddy Curry is reported to have lost an astounding 100 pounds. I haven't watched much of that "Biggest Loser" show to know how that measures up to the contestants, but I have to figure having Eddy Curry on their team would probably help them win the show. There are girls (and guys I suppose?) who don't even weigh as much as the weight Curry just dropped. That, my friends, is impressive.

For anyone who is or has ever been overweight, every single revolting pound of it is very hard to lose. Most people who have struggled at all with being overweight can certainly corroborate that fact that losing a single pound is reason enough for celebration, so Curry is due to have some kind of huge party for himself, and I think he should.

We've spent a lot of time bashing Eddy Curry. The Bulls drafted him 4th overall in 2001 and his career averages of 13 points and 5 rebounds per game hardly substantiate such a high pick. Moreover, in fantasy basketball, Curry is a player that will hurt your team more than help it, and Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball writer Matt Buser even coined a line called the "Curry line" to pay homage to players whose negative contributions statistically far outweighed any positive contributions.

But really, it is time we ease up a little on Curry. While he will likely never make an ascent to being relevant in fantasy basketball, he is a big body and 7 footers are scarce, which is why most with any coordination and talent at all end up in the NBA. Further, the ones that are decent at all are compensated nicely due to the scarcity of true centers. I'm not saying Curry deserves a max contract, but a big body that can come in, grab a few rebounds, prevent a few easy layups (by fouling), and turn the ball over by dribbling off his foot is priceless. Okay, so I am being slightly facetious, but I'm not going to revert to the all too easy task of bashing Curry.

That time has passed. I'm cheering Curry on and eager to see him take the court Thursday if he does make his return then. I won't be watching for Curry to throw down a thunderous dunk; just seeing him get up and down the court for 5 or 6 minutes would impress me enough. For a country so struggling with obesity, Curry should serve as an example and inspiration, not the butt of cruel jokes.

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Updated Thursday, Jan 19, 2012