The Detroit Pistons Should Start Brandon Knight: Fan Take

In the Detroit Pistons' second game on December 28th, rookie guard Brandon Knight blew up for 23 points, six assists and three 3-pointers on 10-of-13 shooting. Unfortunately, the Pistons' lost the game to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Knight won't do this every night. He did not do nearly as well in the opener when he was 3 for 9 from the floor for nine points.

Despite his success in their second game, Knight won't be starting anytime soon. This is completely expected, of course. After all, should Knight start after he has one good game?

Should Knight start?

Nobody is saying that Knight is better than the Pistons' other guards (Rodney Stuckey or Ben Gordon) today. Stuckey and Gordon are limited as a unit and won't get the Pistons into the playoffs. Also, neither of them is a true point guard like Knight. Knight can run the offense, attack the basket, and dish. He also has good court vision and is a good shooter. The Pistons won't get far with a rookie point guard like Knight either but the games will be much more entertaining. Having a real point guard run the show will make a big difference.

One could argue that starting is irrelevant at this point in Knight's career. They would say that the playing time that he gets is most important and Knight is going to get plenty of that. Also, coming off the bench matches the rookie up against the other teams' backup point guard more often.

On the other hand, the Pistons organization has to win back fans. Playing the young players is the right step in that direction. Inserting Knight into the starting lineup sends a message that the new Pistons era has begun. It isn't like Stuckey and Gordon are going to deliver wins in bunches. Knight gives the team a better chance because he is a true point guard.

In the end, it won't matter who starts. The three guards are the best three scorers on the team and will need to play plenty of minutes. However, my suggestion for Pistons coach Lawrence Frank is to start Knight now and move Stuckey to shooting guard. Gordon and his giant contract should be moved to the bench.

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Updated Thursday, Dec 29, 2011