Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Take: Kyrie Irving Starts His First Game

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard and top overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft Kyrie Irving started the Cavs' season opener over veteran Ramon Sessions. Sessions started in the preseason games but this move was not a surprise. The Cavs need Irving to get all the experience he can get. Irving finished with six points (2 - 12 from the floor), three rebounds, seven assists, a steal, and a turnover in 26 minutes.

Irving was shaky for most of the game. He has a long way to go but this was his first real game since tearing a ligament in his right big toe over a year ago while playing for Duke. He played a mere 11 games in his only season there.

Playing point guard in the NBA will be a tough transition from college. It is the hardest position to play. Irving should be fine but it will take time. When he starts getting more confident in his game, we should see a big improvement.

Tristan Thompson

The Cavs' other lottery pick in the 2011 NBA Draft was Tristan Thompson. He was picked fourth overall. Thompson fared better than Irving did but he was under less pressure. He scored 13 points and hauled in five boards in the game.

Hopefully, Thompson was not taking notes as his mentor, Antawn Jamison, was jacking up 20 shots while making only six. Jamison even launched four three point attempts. He made none of those, of course. Jamison was heaving the ball at the rim like a shooting guard. It seemed like he shot the ball every time he had it. If he could play a little defense, it would be helpful.

Thompson scored one less point than Jamison on 14 less shots. His seven free throw attempts were more than any other Cav. He did that while only playing only 17 minutes. Thompson was impressive.

One game

It is hard to judge this young team by just one game. It was a game that the Cavs could have won but, like Irving said after the game, this was just one game with 65 to go.

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Updated Tuesday, Dec 27, 2011