Cleveland Cavaliers Fan Take: Cavs Preview – Position by Position

The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking toward the future. Kyrie Irving is a legitimate Rookie of the Year contender. With two of the top draft picks (Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson) now a part of the Cavs' organization, the Cavs will need to play aggressive basketball to win games. Here is a breakdown of each position:

Point Guard

Baron Davis is gone and the Irving-era has begun. Coach Byron Scott has yet to name who will start at point guard between Ramon Sessions and Kyrie Irving but there is no doubt that the Cavs' first round pick (Irving) will take over at some point. Regardless of who starts, though, the Cavs might have one of the best point guard tandems in the league. Unfortunately, they won't be able to play together much.

Irving is the real deal. He has polish, speed, and a nice jumper. He makes it look easy getting to the rim and finding teammates in spots where they can score. He will need to improve, of course. Irving is not going to be an elite point guard this season as he adjusts to the NBA but he is plenty good already.

Sessions looks like he has worked on his game during the lockout. He seems to have picked up strength and might be taking defense seriously. He isn't a great shooter but he can get to the rim and hopefully score when he gets there.

Right now, the offense looks better with Irving at the point. Sessions might not even be with the Cavs after the trade deadline.

Shooting Guard

Anthony Parker is a 36-year-old shooting guard who showed he still has some game left. He can put up points in the right situation and his veteran leadership will help a young team like this. Daniel Gibson is pretty much a one-dimensional player. He can launch open threes with the best of them but that is about it. Gibson can also run the point if necessary.

Power Forward

Speaking of older players who have seen their best years pass by, Antawn Jamison is back. He'll be relied on to score and should reach the 18 points a game he put up last season. He has looked like a player on the downside so far in the preseason. Jamison will get it going in time for the first game and will likely be the Cavs' leading scorer. Tristan Thompson is an aggressive rebounder and defender who can attack the rim. He doesn't have a reliable jumper yet but that may come in time. Overall, his offensive game is raw. Jamison might be able to help him refine some low-post moves.

Shooting Forward

Omri Casspi could be ready to take the next step. Some are saying that he might be a breakout player. Last season, he scored 8.6 points a game for the Kings. This season, he'll have plenty of chances to improve upon that. Casspi needs to work on his defense. Watching him play, however, it's obvious that he is a tough competitor who makes his presence known when he is on the floor.


Anderson Varejao suffered a torn tendon in his ankle last year and had to sit out 51 games. He was badly missed when he went down. He feels really good and is excited to be back out on the court. He brings energy, hustle and rebounding to the team. Varejao is clearly the best rebounder on this year's Cavalier's team. His emotional leadership and team-first attitude will undoubtedly help the team get through another tough season. If Varejao goes down again, they will be in trouble.


This team will go as far as Irving can take them. With help from the veterans, they should be able to improve upon their 19 win 2010-11 season. The Bulls are the class of the division but second place is wide open.

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Updated Friday, Dec 23, 2011