Bye Bye Big Baby- Celtics Trade Davis: Fan Reaction

The Boston Celtics have lost at least one major presence on the court, but you won't find many fellow fans here in Massachusetts who are sorry to see him go. We always knew that once Glen Davis entered free agency this year, it would be a safe bet that he'd end up somewhere else. Danny Ainge and company were thinking the same thing. Davis was recently dealt to the Orlando Magic in a sign-and-trade for forward Brandon Bass.

I know, I know. This can only be a good thing for the Celts. In his four years with Boston, Baby almost always proved to be frustrating to watch, whether he and the bench squad were blowing a lead, or he was throwing another tantrum on the sidelines. The fact that he acted like a ball-hog and took too many missed jump shots definitely didn't help to tamp down his egotistical image. Indeed, for many fans here in New England, Big Baby's nickname perfectly summed up what most felt about his attitude.

Nevertheless, I can't be the only one who'll miss the entertainment value he brought to the game. Yes, Shrek was good for a laugh every now and then. Sometimes, he was in on the joke and sometimes he wasn't. No, Baby, we're not calling you "Uno Uno," your nickname is here to stay. And all the whining and complaining about Doc Rivers didn't exactly help his image.

Let's cut Baby a little bit of slack, though. Davis deserves some credit as one of the standout sixth men in the league. He was a glutton for punishment, with few in the NBA racking up charges the way he did. In his last season, by far the most minutes he's had on the court, he averaged a not-too-shabby 5.4 total rebounds, 1.2 assists, 1 steal, and 11.7 points.

This fan wishes Baby well with the Magic, but like other Cs fans, I'm not exactly sorry to see him go. Meanwhile, Orlando fans should start preparing themselves for the Big Baby show.

Taurus Londono has lived in Massachusetts for over ten years. He is a longtime fan of the Boston Celtics.


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Updated Saturday, Dec 10, 2011